Toeroek Andrew

I. Melbourne, A. Török: Convergence of moments for Axiom A and nonuniformly hyperbolic flows, to appear in Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems.


In the paper, we prove convergence of moments of all orders for Axiom A diffeomorphisms and fows. The same results hold for nonuniformly hyperbolic diffeomorphisms and fows modelled by Young towers with superpolynomial tails. For polynomial tails, we prove convergence of moments up to a certain order, and give examples where moments diverge when this order is exceeded. Nonuniformly hyperbolic systems covered by our result include Henon-like attractors, Lorenz attractors, semidispersing billiards, finite horizon planar periodic Lorentz gases, and Pomeau-Manneville intermittency maps.

The talk is Thursday, June 16, at 18:20.

The paper is on my Publications page.