Eynard Helene

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I gave a talk on tuesday 7th about centralizers of smooth diffeomorphisms of the half line. Here is the abstract of this talk :

"Let f be a (C) smooth diffeomorphism of the half-line [0,+∞) fixing only the origin, and Zr its centralizer in the group of Cr diffeomorphisms. According to well-known results of Szekeres and Kopell, Z1 is a one-parameter group. On the other hand, Sergeraert constructed an f whose centralizer Zr, 2 ≤ r ≤ ∞, reduces to the infinite cyclic group generated by f . In this talk, we will show that Zr can actually be a proper dense and uncountable subgroup of Z1."

The main result is proved in this article (almost identical to the arxiv version). Since then, I showed that one can actually improve the previous construction so that Zr contains any given Liouville number (see preprint).
Moreover, Christian Bonatti and I recently proved that if one fixes the regularity r<+∞, then, with a more elaborate construction, for any irrational number a (without any arithmetic condition) one can construct an f whose Cr centralizer is exactly Z+aZ. We're currently extending (and hoping to complete) the list of all the possible forms the sequence of centralizers (in every regularity) of a given diffeomorphism can take.

The motivation of these works, related to codimension one foliations on 3-manifold, can be found in my PhD thesis or in this short text I wrote for the Proceedings of the annual Topology Symposium of Japan 2010.