Boat Trip

Excursion by boat on Sunday 12th, 4:30pm

Proposal by C. Bonatti

the number of positive answers for the
boat trip reached now the lower bound for allowing me to rent a boat
for us, on Sunday 12th from 16 :30 to 19 :30 (starting and ending at
"le vieux port", Marseille).
- I recall you that I need only sure reservations : for each of you
cancelling his participation, each of the other participants will pay
an extra 1.5 euros . Thus, if more than 5 of you cancel their
participations, I will prefer to cancel the boat reservation and the
- I will ask to each participant to pay me CASH 35 euros (no credit
card allowed, no dollars, reais, pezos, yuan,yen…) on Sunday 5th or
Monday6th morning (excepted for the 3 of you arriving for the second
week): this will allow me to pay for the reservation of the boat.

For ending on a more pleasant question :
There are two pssible formula :
- Just a visit of all the 9 Calanques between Marseille and Cassis,
with comments by a guide (possibly in english).
- A visit of 5 of the calanques with 45 minutes break nearby an island
for swimming.
Personally I would prefer the second formula. Please email me.